Invoice Administration

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Lindorff provides better liquidity and more financially secure operations for customers

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Lindorff offers efficient payment management that provides definite positive financial results.

Invoice Services

Lindorff Invoice enables our clients, who send large numbers of invoices for both consumers and businesses, to outsource their entire accounts receivable management to Lindorff.

Lindorff Invoice includes everything our clients need, in order to be in control of their accounts receivables:

  • Invoice Distribution (optional)
  • Sales Ledger Management
  • Reminder and Collection Service
  • Comprehensive reporting regarding accounts receivables
  • Customer service in relation to payments (optional)
  • WebPortal with a view of the accounts receivables


Payment Services

Lindorff Payment is an automated credit payment method that increases clients sales by enabling credit sales under clients own brand, without credit risk and a need for a credit process. Lindorff Payment is a safe and easy way for the consumer to finance their purchases either by invoice or in installments.

Facts about Lindorff Payment

  • Available in online web shops and traditional stores
  • Includes real-time credit decision during the purchase event
  • Lindorff manages the whole credit management and invoicing process and takes care of customer service
  • Lindorff carries retailers credit risk and finances consumer’s purchase