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Lindorff provides better liquidity and more financially secure operations for customers

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Lindorff offers efficient payment management that provides definite positive financial results.

In some of our markets, we take care of the entire payment process, from the invoice being sent to the money entering the account, completing the monitoring of the payment on the customers’ behalf. This provides better liquidity and more financially secure operations for our customers.

In total, our invoicing services include invoice administration, subsidiary ledger accounting, invoice printing, payment reminder service, debt collection and invoice purchasing.

Lindorff is launching WebInvoice, a complete service product for modern retail businesses. WebInvoice provides the retailer with a complete process of credit scoring, financing and customer service. WebInvoice offers an easy and safe invoice or part-payment as an option for both online and shop customers with state of the art process management.

The WebInvoice service is in place in Finland and will be rolled out in other markets at a later stage.